Google Meet Integration Guide

Creating a permanant Meet link

You will need a permanent Meet link for this integration. Google Meet doesn’t promote permanent Meet links, but there is a workaround.

  • Open Google Calendar and create a recurring event with no end date. Select the “Add Google Meet videoconferencing” button to generate a link. You can put it in its own sub-calendar, so you can hide it if you prefer.
Google Meet permalink
  • The link created from the above action will only persist as long as the event continues in your calendar. Copy the link.

Add the URL to Olark

  • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts in Olark. Please note that shortcuts is a paid account feature.
  • Input ‘meet’ into a new Shortcut. You can also choose a different name for the shortcut if you prefer.
  • Paste your Google Meet link into the expanded message field. We also recommend including a greeting like: Hop on a quick Google Meet call with me:
Google Meet shortcut
  • Whenever you want to call up this invitation, just type ;meet into your chat conversation. You can then either press return or select the shortcut. Press return one more time to send the message once it has auto-populated in the chat conversation.
Meet agent 1
Meet agent 2
Meet agent 3
  • After sending the message, you will need to start the Google Meet using your recurring link. We hope you have a great video call with your chat visitor!

What Your Visitor Sees Using This Integration

They’ll see a seamless greeting and link when you send the message using the shortcut you created.

Google Meet dialogue

Learn more information on setting up Shortcuts here.