With Round Robin, you can limit the number of chats an agent can receive at any one time. This can help prevent your agents from getting overwhelmed with too many concurrent chats.

Limiting chats per agent

  1. Set your Chat Routing to Round Robin on your Setup page.

  2. Below that, enable Chat limit, enter a value for Chat limit and click Save settings.

Chat limit

Agents that are at their limit will not have new chats routed to them until one of their existing conversations end.

If all of your agents are at their chat limit your visitor will see your offline message form until a slot opens up.

We highly recommend only using this feature if all of your agents are using chat.olark.com, as we automatically end conversations that you close. If you wish to use this with a different IM client, your agents will need to remember to !end each chat that they are fully done with, else they will end up getting stuck at chat limit, and the only way to resolve it is to disable this feature and have them log out and back into their IM client.

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