This guide will go through how to add Olark to your Joomla 3 site.



  1. Log in to your Joomla Administration site. Choose Extensions from the menu bar, then Extension Manager from the dropdown menu.


  2. On the Extension Manager Install page, click Choose file and find the Custom HTML Advanced module Zip folder that you downloaded. If this file is located on a server, install from URL instead. Click Upload & Install.


  3. Once the Zip file has been successfully uploaded and installed, choose Extensions from the menu bar, then Module Manager from the dropdown menu. On the Module Manager page, create a new module.


  4. Give the module a name such as Olark chat module and select a position from the dropdown list. Turn “Show Title” to OFF. We recommend one of the Footer positions. Once you have selected a position, click the Options tab.


  5. Copy your code from the Olark install page and paste it into the Custom HTML textarea. Click Save & Close to finish.


  6. Make sure your new module has the status Published on the Module Manager page. View your website to ensure the Olark chat box has loaded.


  • I cannot see the chat box on my website View your website’s HTML source code in your browser. If you don’t find the Olark install code, try selecting a different position from the module’s option page.

  • I see the script in my source code, but it has lots of slashes You need to have a PHP setting called Magic Quotes turned off on your server.

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