iChat is a program that comes pre-installed on older versions of the Mac OSX operating system, and the easiest way to get started with Olark. You can find iChat in your Applications folder.

  1. Launch iChat
  2. Load Preferences from the iChat menu. This is where you will add your Olark account details.

    step 2

  3. Select the Accounts tab and click the + icon to add your Olark account information.

    step 3

  4. Choose the account type Jabber.

    step 4

  5. Fill in your Olark agent login information, for example:

    • Jabber ID: YOUR-OLARK-USERNAME@olark.com
    • Password: Your Olark password

    step 5

  6. Once your account has been added, set your status to Available to begin chatting.

    step 6

Happy chatting!