Live chat during the holidays is serious business, but we know you’re ready. Support is staffed up, sales are ready to roll, and your site is… Wait.

Did you remember to decorate? If not - fear not! Holiday themes for your chatbox are here!

This is a busy time of year for our customers, so we wanted to do something special. We’ve turned on festive themes to keep your live chat during this holiday season merry and bright.

How to add holiday themes to your chatbox

  1. Log in to your Olark account
  2. From your dashboard, select Design from the left-hand menu
  3. If this is your first time adding a holiday theme, click the red Disabled button inside the light yellow box, to enable themes Holiday chatbox themes
  4. Select each theme to see a preview - and pick your favorite!
  5. Once you’ve chosen your theme, be sure to click Save
  6. You did it! Your chatbox is holiday-ready Holiday chatbox settings

How to turn off holiday chatbox themes

We made it easy to switch themes, too.

Have fun and try mixing up your theme throughout the holidays!

If you would like to go back to your original settings, simply toggle the Holiday Themes button back to Disabled.

When we turn the Holiday Themes option off, the chatbox will automatically return your original appearance settings.