Use our Highrise integration to manage cases over time, create potential leads, and add tags for later use while chatting to your website’s visitors. Keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders, and convert leads into done deals.

  1. Log into Olark and go to your Highrise integration page. You can also specify if you want all conversations to be sent automatically.

    Account Add

  2. It’s not required, but we recommend you enable our Pre-Chat Survey so you can collect visitors’ info. This makes contacting them in the future much easier. This can also be done in chat using our !name and !email commands.

    Account Add

    You’re all set! And now you have a new tool at your disposal: !lead. We’ll automatically create a contact in Highrise and attach the conversation as a note.

    Olark chat

    Once connected, you can send a test case at any time with the click of a button inside the configuration area:

    Send test button

    Here’s what a case will look like in Highrise:

    Account Add

Highrise fields

Here is a list of the fields we send to Highrise

  • visitor_email,
  • visitor_name,
  • visitor_phone_number
  • description (the content of the chat transcript or offline message)