Getting started with Google Analytics (GA4) integration

This article was updated to reflect the newest version of Google Analytics, GA4, in June, 2023. Information that pertains to the sunset Universal Analytics is marked as such below.

NOTE: If you use Google Tag Manager to load your gtag, follow the instructions in our GTM for GA4 article instead.

Olark’s Google Analytics integration provides its users with:

  • More visitor insights
  • Conversion tracking for chatting visitors
  • And much more!

Turning on the integration

  • In your dashboard, click on Integrations from the left menu bar. From the integrations list, type or find Google Analytics.

  • Click Configure on the Google Analytics integration page. Check both of the boxes that you see at the top of the page, and then click Save at the bottom.

Olark will automatically detect the GA4 gtag and associated ID that's installed on your website and begin sending events to your GA4 account.

It can take 24 to 48 hours for Google Analytics to start tracking and displaying Olark events. This is the standard “processing latency” time for all data in Google Analytics.

Overview of events sent by Olark

Olark sends the following events and associated properties to GA4:- olark_agent_sent_message - agent_name- olark_visitor_sent_message- olark_visitor_sent_offline_message- olark_bot_sent_message- olark_conversation_started - agent_name - initialized_by: visitor, agent, or bot - seconds_after_first_reply

Additionally, we send the following user properties:- has_engaged_via_olark- received_outreach_via_olark- most_recent_olark_agent

This information pertains to Google's Universal Analytics, which was sunset in June, 2023:

All Google Analytics events have a Category, Action, and Label associated with them.

The events Olark sends to your Google Analytics account will have the Category Olark_Chat. The events will have one of the following Actions:

  • Operator_Sent_a_Message
  • Visitor_Sent_a_Message
  • Conversation
  • Visitor_Sent_an_Offline_Message
  • Olark_Targeted_Chat_Sent_a_Message

† For a single Conversation, there can be many associated Operator_Sent_a_Message and Visitor_Sent_a_Message events.

Olark_Targeted_Chat_Sent_a_Message includes both Targeted Chat and Greeter messages

If you wanted to see how many messages agent Jane sent in the last week, this is how it would look in Google Analytics:

  • Category: "Olark_Chat"
  • Action: "Operator_Sent_a_Message"
  • Label: "Jane"

The Conversation event action sends when one of the following happens:

  • The visitor sends the first message, and then the agent replies. In this case, the Event Label will look like: Visitor_initiated_with_[agent name]

  • The agent sends the first message, and then the visitor replies. In this case, the Event Label will look like: [agent name]_initiated

  • When an automated Targeted Chat or Greeter message sends to the visitor, and the visitor replies. In this case, the event label will be: _initiated

  • The visitor sends the first message, and they receive an automated Targeted Chat or Greeter message. In this case, the event label will be: Visitor_initiated_with__

Olark’s reporting dashboard will quantify Conversation in Google Analytics and Total Chats. However, their totals will differ.

Total Chats include all chats where at least one non-automated message is sent. This includes when the visitor or agent sends a message and never receives a reply.

Viewing Olark events in Google Analytics

To view Olark events in Google Analytics, users should follow these steps:

  1. In the Google Analytics reporting interface, select Behavior. Then Events > Top Events in the left-hand menu.

  2. In the data table, click on Olark_Chat in the Event Category column (or use the search box). Then, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the different Event Actions.

Olark event actions

When clicking on Operator_Sent_a_Message, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of how many messages each agents has sent.

Clicking on Conversation will give you a breakdown of how many visitor initiated chats your agents have received.

To make the most of Olark's Google Analytics integration, check out our other Google Analytics help guides below!

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