The two main causes of being forced offline are either that you were online and didn’t respond to messages, or your app has auto-away enabled.

Olark only allows you to have a single Instant Messaging client to be connected per agent at any one time. Should you connect to us with more than one client, then you will end up missing messages and eventually be Forced Away.

Olark Force Away

If you are receiving a message from the Olark Helpdesk saying that you are being forced offline, this is because you have received a message from a visitor but have not responded.

If you do not respond to the inital inbound chat within 5 minutes and no other messages sent to other visitors, Olark automatically then forces that agent away so you will not miss any more visitor chats.

When does the timer begin?

  • The first message on any conversation that doesn’t start with [info] starts a 5 minute timer for each agent the message was sent to.

  • Whenever we hear from an agent for any reason (presence update, messaging that visitor, messaging another visitor) we clear the timer.

  • If the timer expires we mark the agent as away and send them a notification that they have been set to away.

Chat client auto-away

The second cause is that your chat program may be setting itself away after a certain amount of time spent idle. These options vary depending on the IM client, but can usually be found in the Preferences or Settings menu.

You can follow the following links for more info about the auto-away feature for the following clients:

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