**NOTE: This help article was written for our Olark Classic chat console. Some things may not apply, may have moved, or may look different. For up to date chat console documentation, click here.

Sometimes you will want to signal to your visitor that the conversation has ended. You can use the !end command to end the chat.

The end chat command sends a predefined chat ended message to your visitor at the end of a conversation. You can use this predefined message to remind your visitors that the conversation has ended but that they can still chat to you or provide a link to where they may find more support options.

Visitors can also choose to end a chat themselves by clicking the end chat button located on the chatbox or click the ‘x’ to minimize the chat window.

Ending a Chat as a Website Visitor

Ending Chats in the Chat Console

As an agent, you can end a chat and send your predefined ending chat message by using the !end command, clicking the x in the tab for the chat, or by logging out of the chat console.

Ending Chat as an Agent

Does a Chat End Automatically?

A chat session will eventually end automatically. When a visitor leaves your site the chat session won’t immediately end; instead it can stay active for up to around 20 minutes in case your visitor returns to continue the conversation. A visitor’s session may end when they have been idle on your site for a long time, so that the chat slot can be made free for another visitor.

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