Install our Olark live chat on ekmPowershop, an easy to use hosted ecommerce software solution that offers everything you need to sell your products online.

  1. Log into your ekmpowershop administration area
  2. Go to Design and click Change template

    Change template button

  3. Choose “ I wish to use a custom design for my online shop”

    Text link

  4. Click “ I wish to modify an existing ekmpowershop template

    Text link

  5. Select your current template

  6. Click “Yes, apply the template

    Note: You may have to select a sub-theme under your theme selection, should it have more than one color scheme, before you see the screenshot below.*

    Apply the template button

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the editor panel and paste Olark Javascript code above the tag. Then click Update.

    Log in and copy your Olark embed code.

    Olark code in text editor

  8. Click Done

    Done button

  9. Start chatting!