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Desktop Notifications

Enabling notifications requires the use of desktop notifications to ensure agents receive incoming messages. The first time you log in you'll see a banner asking you to enable desktop notifications in your browser.

If you are having issues setting up desktop notifications, it's possible that browser permissions have been denied. To check, use the guide below based on the browser you are using.

Google Chrome 31+

To ensure that Chrome is accepting incoming notifications from Olark:

1. Open in Chrome and click on the settings menu icon to the left of the website address. Select Site settings near the bottom of the menu

a screenshot of the expanded chrome browser settings

2. On the Site settings page, scroll down to Notifications and select Allow

a screenshot of the chrome notifications setting dropdown set to allow

Mozilla Firefox 28+

To ensure that Firefox is accepting incoming notifications from Olark:

1. In Firefox, click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner next to the address bar. Choose settings from the dropdown

screenshot of the toggled open hamburger settings menu in firefox - the Settings option is highlighted
Toggle open the Firefox menu and choose Settings

2. On the Settings page, choose Privacy & Security from the left hand menu. Scroll down the page until you find Permissions. Under Permissions, click the Settings button next to Notifications

screenshot of firefox privacy & security settings with "notifications" highlighted
Privacy & Security > Notifications

3. When the Notification Settings box appears, click on, select Allow, and click Save Changes

screenshot of Firefox settings - notification permissions modal with "allow" highlighted next to
Set to "allow" and click the Save Changes button

Apple Safari

To ensure that Safari is accepting incoming notifications from Olark:

1. Open Safari

2. Toggle open the Safari menu on the top left of your screen and choose Settings from the dropdown menu

a screenshot of the Safari settings menu toggled open - the "settings" menu item is highlighted
Safari > Settings

3. Choose the Websites tab from the top menu and then Notifications in the left hand vertical list

4. Find in the websites list and toggle the dropdown setting to Allow

screenshot of the safari website notifications modal. The websites and notification menus are highlighted and is set to Allow
Choose Websites, then Notifications, and set to Allow

Microsoft Edge

To ensure that Edge is accepting incoming notifications from Olark:

1. Open in Edge

2. Click on the lock icon to the left of the website address and choose Permissions for this site from the dropdown

screenshot of open in Edge. The address bar lock icon menu is toggled open and "Permissions for this site" menu item is highlightede
Toggle open the lock icon menu and select Permissions for this site

3. In the right column of the settings page that opens, scroll down to the Notifications setting and toggle to Allow

screenshot of the edge settings page - the notifications setting, set to allow, is highlighted
Toggle the Notifications setting dropdown to Allow

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