You can remove an agent from your account by going to the Team page. Hover over the agent’s name and click deactivate. While deactivated, the agent’s username will remain (greyed out) on the page in case you’d like to reactivate the account in the future.

You cannot delete or deactivate the Primary Operator (owner) of an account. Instead, you can make another person the Primary Operator by editing the current Primary Operator’s information to the information of a new agent. To do this, an Admin should visit the Team page and click on the Primary Operator’s Edit link to change/update information.

When you deactivate an agent, the agent’s transcripts remain on the Transcripts page under their display name, and the chat data will appear in the exported reports. After removal of your agent(s), please be sure to refer to your Account page to ensure that you aren’t paying for more agent seats than you have filled.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Olark account at any time by logging in to your Account page

Click the red Cancel Plan text link in the upper-right section of the page.

If there is anything not quite right with Olark for you that we can do something about, we’d love to know how we can make it better. Email or join us on live chat.

How can I delete an account entirely?

If you have already cancelled your subscription, or you signed up for a free account by mistake, email or come chat to us, and we can help you remove your account.