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We try to make the Olark chat box looks great on all browsers, but we appreciate there are great designers who want to try themselves.

Wait! Hummingbird is our new chatbox theme. We're really excited about it, but it doesn't yet support Cobrowsing. Have questions about how this affects you? Email support@olark.com

That's why we make it possible for you to unlock the custom CSS option for a one-time fee of $299. You can do this by contacting Olark via email at support@olark.com and requesting this upgrade.

Custom CSS does not change the appearance options available to you. It allows you to switch off our styles entirely and write your own. We would recommend that you are familiar with CSS before using this option.

Once you have unlocked custom CSS, you can head over to your Olark dashboard to turn off the default Olark CSS styles.

We've provided some example stylesheets to help you customize chat box:

We are constantly improving Olark, but we'll try to keep things as backwards compatible as possible. Even so, you may need to change your styling in the future as we release more advanced and more powerful chat widgets.

Remember that CSS does not overwrite the "Powered by Olark" link. To remove that branding, you'll still need a plan that supports whitelabel.