The Olark chatbox widget will display on all pages of your website by default after you install the code snippet. If you would like to show the chatbox on one page of your website (or specific pages), please follow the steps listed below.

Hide the chatbox on every page except for the one(s) where you want the chatbox to display. You can add the following JavaScript API after the Olark install code on these pages.

<script type=‘text/javascript’> olark(‘’); olark(‘api.visitor.getDetails’, function(details){ if (details.isConversing) { olark(‘’); } }); </script>

You can also use our Automation Rules to do the same without altering the code on your website. We recommend following steps listed described on this Help Center article. The Automation Rule method is a great option if you are not a website developer or have coding experience.

We’ll do our best to help with any questions you have. However, keep in mind that the API is intended to be self-serve for web developers, so we’re not able to write or debug your code. If you’re experiencing issues, please be sure to have your developer, designer, or webmaster review code you’ve written.

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