Find your permanent link in Calendly and copy it.

calendly link 1

calendly link 2

In Olark, go to Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts. (Note: Shortcuts is a paid feature.)

Input ‘calendly’ into a new personal Shortcut. Or make it even shorter, like ‘cal’! Just an abbreviation you’ll remember.

Paste your unique Calendly URL into Olark Shortcuts. (For example:

We also recommend including text like:

*Pick a time with me in Calendly: *

Calendly shortcut

Then, whenever you want to schedule a meeting, just type ;cal into your chat. Calendly agent 1

Hit return, and watch it auto-populate with your link.

Calendly agent 2

Send the message, and boom, you’ve invited your chat partner to your Calendly page!

Calendly agent 3 a

They’ll just see the seamless invite and set up a time with you!

Calendly dialogue

See more on setting up Shortcuts here.

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