1. Find your permanent link in Calendly by pressing Account on the right-side of the top ribbon bar on your Calendly dashboard. After pressing Account, select the menu option Share Your Link. Copy your link as your final step within Calendly.

Calendly - Copy Link

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Shortcuts in Olark. Note: Free accounts are unable to use the Shortcuts feature.

  2. Press the New Shortcut button.

  3. Name the shortcut ‘calendly’ or even use an abbreviation like ‘cal’!

  4. Paste your unique Calendly URL into the expanded message field. You can also include any additional text like “Pick a time to meet with me at calendly.com/yourcalendarlink."

Calendly shortcut

  1. Whenever you want to schedule a meeting or direct someone to your Calendly, just type ; along with the name of your Calendly shortcut into your chat conversation.

Calendly agent 1

  1. Press return and watch the expanded message auto-populate with your newly created shortcut.

Calendly agent 2

  1. Press enter to send the message. Your website visitor will now have a direct link to your Calendly!

Calendly agent 3 a

This is what your website visitors will see when you use a shortcut based on our example above.

Calendly dialogue

See more on information on setting up Shortcuts here.

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