There are a few things to check if you have suddenly stopped receiving offline messages to your email inbox.

First, check that your offline messages are being forwarded to the appropriate place. You can check this setting on your Olark Settings Behavior and Text page.

You can check your spam folder or filter for any emails where the subject line contains the phrase “wrote you a note”.

If your email address appears to be correct, and the messages are not in your spam folder, give us a shout to find out if your email address has been placed onto our bounced email list. If it has been, you will need to check with your IT Department or whoever manages your incoming emails to ensure that all emails from the domain are being accepted. If your system for whitelisting is IP-based, then you can use the following IP address to whitelist Olark emails:

Please let us know when your email servers are accepting our emails, and we will remove your email address from our bounced list again.

And remember that all of your offline messages can always be found the Transcripts page.