Let visitors see you! Add a Profile Picture

Add a friendly profile picture showing off the human side of your chat agent to help engage visitors in a conversation with one of your experts! Be sure not to use a generic image of a headset girl that isn't representative of your own agents. That only suggests to visitors that they may be speaking to a robot or an outsourced team member.

Before proceeding, it's important for us to note that profile picture images cannot be deleted once they are uploaded. They can be replaced. You will have the option of hiding the image, but there is currently no way to delete an image.

How to add an agent picture

  1. Go to your Agent profile page.
  2. Click on Choose File and pick the saved image from your computer.
  3. Note: The image you upload needs to be exactly 100px by 100px.
  4. Check the Show Agent Photo in Chat box.
  5. Hit save, and that is it!

Olark configuration options are linked to the session cookies we give you when you visit your website, so you'll probably need to clear your cookies and browser cache to see your changes.

The profile picture will show when your agent first replies to a website visitor.


What about the avatars visitors have?

Good question! When you use chat.olark.com, you may notice that some visitors have avatars. Those are loaded automatically for visitors who have Gravatar accounts. It is not possible to change or update avatars for visitors because Gravatar is a third-party service.