Full list of Olark features

Wondering if Olark has the features you need? Here's a super-detailed list of everything our product can do.

Visitor information features
Collect information about visitors
Location View a visitor's approximate location based on IP address Free
Technology View information about a visitor's browser and operating system Free
Basic profile Capture, view, and edit a visitor's name, email, and phone number Free
Pageview tracking During an active chat, see which page a visitor is on and receive a notification when they switch pages Free
Pre-chat survey Require visitors to provide contact information or respond to custom questions before starting a chat Premium
Chat history View a visitor's complete chat history, including links to past transcripts Premium
Custom profile Add and edit custom visitor profile fields to capture additional information about visitor history and preferences Premium
Notes Add detailed notes to a chat transcript to capture context, followup steps, etc. Premium
Tags Add tags to chat transcripts, and sort/filter transcripts by tag Premium
Transcript archive View and search your complete transcript archive, including both live chats and offline messages Premium
CRM/Helpdesk integration Automatically push chat transcripts to your helpdesk or CRM Premium
FullContact Visitor Insights Access a visitor's business and social profiles via the FullContact API PowerUp
Chat management features
Manage inbound chats
Chat notifications Receive audio and desktop notifications of incoming chats Free
Chat limit Set a maximum number of active chats per agent (between 1 and 10) Free
Offline email form Use the chatbox as an email form when all agents are offline Free
Offline message Show a custom message in the chatbox when all agents are offline Free
Visitor list See a list of visitors browsing your site; you'll see up to 10 visitors on a one-agent plan, up to 20 visitors on a two-agent plan, etc. Premium
Chatbox visibility Selectively show/hide the chatbox in response to certain visitor traits or behavior Premium
New visitor notifications Receive a notification in the chat console when a new visitor lands on your site Premium
Chat routing Create behavior-based rules to automatically route chats to a specific agent or group Premium
Hide chat Hide the chatbox when all agents are offline Premium
Proactive engagement features
Engage visitors proactively
Proactive chat Start a chat with a visitor from the visitor list in the Olark chat console Premium
Chatbox auto-expand Automatically expand the chatbox after a visitor has been on your site for a specified period of time Premium
Automated messages Send customized messages, offers, and promotions through the chatbox based on visitor behavior Premium
Service features (agent tools)
Provide outstanding service
File transfer Send and receive files through the chatbox (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and TXT) Free
Pageview tracking See which page a visitor is on, and receive a notification when they switch pages during a chat Free
Mobile clients Use third-party apps, including Trillian and Slack, to chat from your smartphone or tablet Free
Slack integration Receive and respond to chats in Slack's mobile or desktop app Free
Canned responses Save frequently-used messages in a team or individual database, and recall them with a quick command during a chat Premium
Chat transfer Transfer an in-progress chat to another active agent Premium
Agent-to-agent chat Open a private, internal channel to chat with another agent through the Olark chat console Premium
Live translation Automatically translate agent and visitor messages to and from 100+ languages PowerUp
Cobrowsing View, annotate, and control a visitor's screen PowerUp
Reporting features
Track your team's performance
Chat ratings Allow visitors to rate their chat experience, including agent knowledge, responsiveness, and friendliness Premium
Real-time reports Use real-time dashboards to track chat ratings, chat volume, and agent activity Premium
Email reports Receive daily, weekly, or monthly email reports on chat ratings, volume, and agent activity Premium
Google Analytics Add chat events to Google Analytics to track conversions and ROI Premium
Customization features
Customize your chatbox
Color Select from popular colors, or enter an exact HEX code Free
Shape Choose a large or small "click to chat" button or tab, with square or rounded corners Free
Text Edit your "click to chat" text, chatbox header, and welcome message Free
Position Position the chatbox in the bottom left or bottom right of your website pages Free
Size Decide how much space the expanded chatbox will take up on the page Free
Profile photos Add a photo or avatar image for each agent on your team Free
Logo Add your logo or another attention-grabbing image above the "click to chat" button Free
API Fine-tune almost any element of the chatbox appearance via Olark's Javascript API Free
Whitelabel Remove the "Powered by Olark" branding from your chatbox. PowerUp
Security features
Keep agents and visitors safe
Troll block: 24 hour Block all chats from a specific visitor for 24 hours Free
Data encryption All data that Olark collects is stored in an encrypted format, and SSL security is standard on Free. Free
GDPR consent Show a GDPR consent form to visitors, and record consent Free
Data redaction Redact visitor information from transcripts Free
Troll block: IP ban Permanently hide the chatbox from a specific visitor, based on their IP address Premium