Provide 24/7 affordable customer service with AI-powered chat.
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Meet Aiden, a bot with infinite patience for answering FAQs.

Turn your Olark transcripts into a bot that instantly answers your customers’ most common questions.

Watch the video to see:

Aiden learn from your existing docs, including your Olark chat history and links to your website's help center.
How to review and manage which questions you want Aiden to answer when agents are offline.
How you'll give Aiden feedback and personality and keep its knowledge fresh over time.

You'll teach Aiden about Topics

Aiden masters chat the same way new hires do:
by reading documents, practicing replies, and responding to feedback.

Fill Aiden’s Reading List

You’re probably too busy to write content for your chatbot. With Aiden, you won’t need to create new material -- it can work with what you already have! Aiden can work with any text you have, including customer-facing content you’ve already published on your website. We’ll organize these materials into a Knowledge Base that Aiden can use.

Spot-Check Aiden's Work

Ask Aiden questions, and see how it replies! You might be surprised by how much it’s learned. When you’re happy with how it replies to questions, try letting Aiden handle chats. You can check Aiden’s work before and after it goes live, and toggle the bot on or off at any time.

Aiden Loves Feedback

Aiden takes direction well, but doesn’t require babysitting. It learns from mistakes, and defers to instructions from agents who know your customers best. Aiden is wired to do better next time, and (in most cases) it only needs to hear feedback once to change its behavior.

Info Sources Aiden can learn from:

Your website

  • Help Center Articles
  • Product Details
  • FAQ Page
  • Blog Posts

Your docs

  • Training Handbooks
  • Sales Call Scripts
  • Specs & Fact Sheets
  • PDF Catalogs

Your Olark History

  • Previous Chat Transcripts
  • Shortcuts
...and more!

We’ll teach Aiden its Conversation Skills

Olark is always improving how chatbots talk to your customers.
Here are some skills your bot would have out-of-the-box:

Friendly Greetings

We’ve taught Aiden that when someone asks it a question it’s polite to say hello, introduce itself, and offer to help. We recommend being transparent that Aiden is a bot, but you can customize your chatbot’s name, avatar, and how it represents your business.


Healthy communication requires setting good boundaries, and sometimes that means not sharing what you know. We’ll help you draw limits around sensitive information or precious contacts, and train Aiden to escalate chats about them to a human.

Human, Please!

Your customers deserve meaningful resolution, not just instant answers. That’s why Aiden is trained to recognize phrases like “talk to person” and ask if the customer would prefer to be transferred to a human for follow-up.

How Aiden behaves in your chatbox

See Aiden's Conversation Skills in action! This video shows an example of how Olark's Aiden chatbot can greet and reply to incoming messages from a visitor, answer questions in context using information in our Knowledge Base, and respond to request to speak to an agent.

This video also shows how our chatbox can capture email addresses for follow-up when agents aren't available, and wrap up the conversation with care.

Ready to see Aiden
on your site?

Let's chat about it!

We can answer your questions about AI, go-live timelines, and how to get the most value out of Aiden’s skills.

Go Pro: Automate tasks and level up Aiden’s Logic

Sophisticated automations built for complex websites and enterprise teams,
backed up by technical advisors and our highest level of customer care.

Advanced Integrations

Olark offers a huge library of out-of-the-box integrations, but some organizations are more complex than others. Olark Pro customers partner with our data engineers to  configure and test custom integrations and Zapier workflows. Qualify, and capture leads with CRMs like Salesforce, Slate, and SugarCRM.

Conditional Logic

Aiden can answer questions, but it does best with questions where the answers are the same in most situations.

Businesses that have complex organizations, multiple locations, and huge websites with different audiences benefit from logic branches that let each unit dictate its own tools and process.

Routing Rules

In large organizations, it’s important that priority messages get attention from the right person, not just any human.

Olark Pro customers have more flexible options to choose from when they’re deciding how to direct incoming chats across teams, agents, and inboxes.