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Olark is easy-to-use live chat software that lets you talk to customers on your website.

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How can we help grow your business

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Increase sales

Talk to your customers before they buy. Olark live chat for websites can help increase sales:

About increasing sales

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Provide support

Reduce phone and email volume and increase customer happiness with the Olark live chat app:

About providing support

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Acquire leads

Have your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) use live chat to add more leads to the sales funnel:

Advantages of chat


Simple pricing. No surprises.
Add or remove operators at any time.

Desk with blueprints, a lamp, and tools

Billed monthly

$ 19
per agent
per month

Billed yearly

$ 15
per agent
per month
Save 12%

Billed every 2 years

$ 12
per agent
per month
Save 29%

Premium features

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Chatting with your customers provides qualitative data, product feedback, and insights you can use to strengthen your sales, marketing, and product initiatives.

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Olark provides real-time reporting on chat volume, which agents are handling the most chats, and how your customers are rating their chat experience.

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Save time and increase accuracy with shortcuts for common replies, while still having the opportunity easily edit and keep the human in chat.

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Automated Messages

Easily automate messages based on a visitor's behavior on your site, serve the right message at the right time without being everywhere at once.

Agent Groups

Send your chats to the right teams: sales, support, product specialists and more - helping your customers get the solutions they need, faster.

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Olark works with some pretty great sales, marketing, and support platforms, because we think chat data should be an integral part of your process.

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Unlimited Chats

There's no limit to the number of conversations you can have each month, and no added cost if your chat volume is higher than usual.

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Chat Ratings

Learn more from your chats with customer feedback through chat ratings. Easily find chats that need follow-up, and ones that hit it out of the park!

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Chatbox forms

Whether you’re using chat for sales or support, our customizable pre-chat survey allows you to set up questions that your visitor fills out to start a chat.