Olark Service Standards: Our guarantee to you

We all need customer service from time to time.

As customers, we want quick, friendly, helpful service that leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy. We want to feel a human connection, we want to feel like we interacted with a person who cared.

As Olarkers, we want you to feel like that whenever you contact us.

Our Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) has averaged 9.3 over the last 12 months. We’re working hard on that last 0.67 :-)

We want to treat you like we want to be treated. It’s only human.

Your support team in general, is fantastic. I've run into some roadblocks with the product itself (mostly issues on our end), and you guys have gone above-and-beyond to accommodate us. Top notch customer service.
- Ben, Cybersecurity
Excellent customer service. Prompt, and very friendly! Thank you so much for the terrific customer care and follow-up.
- Shelley, Cross-Cultural Solutions
Your team replied very quickly to my urgent issue and provided an INSANELY quick fix :) Thanks, Olark team!
- Amber
A solid conversation with an appropriate bit of back and forth - great tone, I felt I had a conversation, with a person, not helpdesk robot. A first class service needs excellence in technology, process and people - you (olark team) understand that. +1
- Richard Moore, Principle consultant and founder at Mooreanswers.co.uk
First rate, fast and fantastic!

We will do our very best to:

Help as fast as we can. We do our best to answer chats in 12 seconds or less. We aim to send a first response back to an email query in under 3 hours during Pacific working hours. We aim to finally resolve cases referred to our support engineers in under 4 business days.

understand the problem and how it is impacting you, your business and your customers. Our goal, whether on chat or email, is to understand the problem you’re facing, and we will make sure to ask you relevant questions.

manage your case with care and communicate regularly. When we say we will follow up, we will follow up. We promise to update you on the status of your case.

admit our mistakes and fix them swiftly. Failure is human and inevitable. Sometimes, as hard as we try, things will go wrong. We will keep you informed as we go about fixing things. Check out our post mortems at status.olark.com.

not make promises we cannot keep. We promise to listen to your concerns, investigate, and do our best to resolve issues. While we can’t fix everything, we promise to fix what we can, and file bug reports and feature requests for everything else. ​ We could give you more metrics, facts, figures and words, but we want to let our service speak for itself. Come chat - we’re always happy to help!

Whilst you are here, check out the values which underpin everything Olark does.

PS. We don’t like to brag, but we did win this, Customer Service Department of the Year (Gold Stevie Award 2017)

PPS. This is what we try very hard to do. It should not be read as an SLA, though. If you feel that we haven’t met your expectations, please drop us a line and let us know. Don’t forget to check out our Terms and Conditions.