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Kind words from just a few of our happy customers. team

We’ve stayed with Olark over the years because they’ve been so easy for our team to work with. We also love Olark's clean, easy-to-interpret reporting... our team doesn’t have to wade through tons of noise to see what’s really important, and having real-time data helps us ensure that we’re providing great service during busy periods like the holiday shopping season.

—— Graham Davis, Marketing Director,

Sergio Aicardi

As an eCommerce business owner and marketing expert for over 12 years, I can attest that Olark Chat is one of the most efficient and reliable live chat solutions out there. I was able to install Olark in less than two minutes, and the features that are available with Olark have helped me generate thousands of opportunities for sales.

—— Sergio Aicardi, CEO, The Miami SEO Company

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Bennett Awards Team

The longer an email sits in our inbox unanswered, the less likely it is that we will close the sale — and the quicker we can engage with a prospect, the better our odds are of converting them to a customer. Live chat is a great way to get the conversation rolling. Ease of adoption and use was critical for us, and we were up and running with Olark in no time.

—— Bob Bennett, Co-Founder, Bennett Awards

Danielle Summers

Olark has proven to be a fantastic tool. It’s allowed us to integrate with other systems like Groove, and to save time by using shortcuts and commands. While current and potential members can also reach us via email, being available on chat has cut out a time delay that may deter potential members from reaching out with their questions. I also appreciate that Olark will scale with us as our department grows.

—— Danielle Summers, Customer Concierge Director, Soundstripe

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