olark.configure('system.chat_does_not_follow_external_links', true );


If you have a link in your chatbox that goes to a non-local URL, for example a page on another domain, Olark will by default wrap the new page. This means that the chatbox will still appear on the new page, even if it’s not your website.

However, increasingly websites are not allowing cross-domain access, meaning that the wrapped content may not work correctly. You can choose to disable this wrapping behavior by setting this API call to true.

Note that by enabling this setting, visitors who click the link to the non-local URL will leave your website and no longer be able to chat with you.

As an alternative, you can prepend any link you type into the chatbox with a + symbol (eg. Click here to upload an image: +imgur.com), which will force the link to open in a new tab/window.

On your Text & Forms settings page, you can add a target="_blank" attribute to a link to make it open in a new tab/window.