olark.configure('CalloutBubble.slide', true );


Enables the Attention Grabber slide-out animation.

Animate Attention Grabber on checkout page

If you’d like to reach out to people on your checkout page to ensure you make the sale, or offer a discount, you might wish to animate the Attention Grabber on that page only, to give it extra prominence.

// Check if the page URL contains 'checkout'
if(window.location.href.indexOf("checkout") >= 0){

    // Enable the Attention Grabber
    olark.configure('CalloutBubble.slide', true );


When the Attention Grabber slides out, it looks like this:

Screenshot of API call

Alternatively, should you enable the slide out action on the Attention Grabber settings page, you can disable this animation per page by switching the true to false in the example above.