olark('api.visitor.updateCustomFields', {
	internalCustomerId: string


  • dictionaryofcustomfields
    a dictionary mapping custom field name=>value


If you have custom data that you want to keep track of for a visitor, such as an internal customer ID or some internal data, you can give it to Olark using this API.

Note: Custom fields are not sent automatically to CRM integrations. Presently, this is something you would need to email support@olark.com to help set up. Custom fields will however be sent with Webhooks by default. Once set up, Custom fields are sent to the CRM only, they do not appear in the chat console.

Adding a customer ID

For example, let’s say you have a customer tracking ID that you use for your internal reporting. You can give this to Olark:

olark('api.visitor.updateCustomFields', {

    // Replace with your own data
    internalCustomerId: '2194832109'