We offer different seat types within the Olark account: Account Owner, Admin or Agent.

All user types, whether account owner, administrator or agent, have the ability to chat and therefore count towards your total seat amount. While we don’t offer a monitoring-only type of user/seat, there are specific features and unique privileges assigned to various user types! Below, you’ll see which seats have access to which features:

Account Owner Admin Agent
Chat Transcripts
Reporting & Activity Self Only
Chat Ratings Self Only
Manage/Edit Users & Groups Self Only
Manage Shortcuts Self Only
Create/Manage Automation Rules ✖️
Emailed Reports ✖️
Transcript Metadata CSV Export ✖️
Cancel Plan? ✖️
Manage Billing/Payment Info ✖️
Manage PowerUps ✖️
Manage Integrations ✖️
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