JabberB - BeejiveIM for Jabber for iPhone

Beejive makes a range of native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, allowing you to easily chat with your visitors from your mobile device.

While this guide is for Apple's iOS, the setup instructions are similar for Android and Blackberry.


Beejive is a paid app. If you feel out of pocket for having to purchase a third party app, let us know and we will apply the equivalent store credit to your existing Olark account.

App name Operating system
Beejive IM for Jabber iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Beejive IM for Android Android
Beejive IM for Blackberry BlackBerry

Setup guide

  1. Download and install the Beejive IM for Jabber app. Launch the app.

  2. Tap on the + icon in the top-right corner to add a new account.

    add account

  3. Enter your Olark username followed by @olark.com.

    e.g. joe-w@olark.com

    add account

    Enter the password for your Olark account. This is the password you use to log in to Olark.com.

  4. Leave the other fields as their default and tap Save. Your Olark account has been added. Tap Log In to sign in to this account.

    add account

  5. Your current status is offline. Tap Offline to change your status.

    add account

    Choose Available to start receiving new chats.

    add account

  6. Tap Buddy List in the bottom-left corner. If you see the helpdesk contact in your Buddy List, you are now online. You will see any visitors on your site listed under Online. Tap on any visitor and send them a message to initiate a conversation.

    add account

Disabling the auto-away

Beejive has a feature which can set your status to away once the app hidden, or after a period of inactivity. This means you would stop receiving new chats if you were not using the app. You can disable this in the app's settings.

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the bottom-right corner.

    add account

  2. Swipe down to reveal the Auto Away menu item. Tap to reveal the Auto Away options.

    add account

  3. Tap Off to disable the Auto Away setting.

    add account

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2014
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