Accessibility is everyone's job

But as a advocate you can make a direct change. Join us in making a pledge to make your technology more accessible in 2021. Here's 3 ways to get started, or choose another role.

  1. Attend event

    Attend a GAAD Event:

    GAAD has sourced some pretty awesome programming across all levels of accessibility awareness. Take a look at their schedule and pick a topic you’d love to learn more about.
  2. Host event

    ...Or host your own:

    Do you have accessibility expertise to share? Or maybe just want to create an accountability group with others? Host your own event this GAAD or start working on your talk for 2022.
  3. Talk about it

    Spread the word:

    There are so many people who touch the web who don’t have accessibility in mind. Post to your team's slack or use your favorite social network to promote GAAD and recruit your friends and colleagues to join.
  4. Chrome webaim

    Test a webpage using WAVE:

    WebAIM offers a public tool that’s free and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Run it on a site you love, take a screenshot, and ask the organization behind it to commit to fixing any issues it flags.
  5. Crowdsource

    Learn the basics:

    Find a course to educate you more about inclusive design and web accessibility. Lots of universities have remote classes, or you can find low-cost options on Udemy, Coursera, or other edtech platforms.
  6. Study the basics

    Tap into the community:

    GAAD’s website and The a11y project are great spots for finding resources, experts, and myth-busting to support your accessibility mission.

Turn your good intentions into good usability

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