Accessibility is everyone's job

But as a marketer you can make a direct change. Join us in making a pledge to make your technology more accessible in 2021. Here's 3 ways to get started, or choose another role.

Add captions

Add captions to your videos

Captions are essential for hard-of-hearing viewers. YouTube and Instagram will allow you to turn captions on by default. If you have a podcast or other audio files, make transcripts available for users who are hard-of-hearing.

YouTube caption settings New: Captions for Instagram Stories
Check your CTAs

Check your CTAs

Are your button and text colors high contrast? Are they readable by people who have color vision deficiency? Do your buttons and links tell users specifically what they’ll see if they follow them? Accessible CTAs make life easier for diverse brains and people who use screen readers, and they convert better.

Learn about accessible buttons & links
Shop with your keyboard

Shop with just your keyboard

Open your website and try to buy your #1 product online without touching your mouse. How long does it take to buy your stuff for someone with low vision or limited motor function in their hands? Can you improve on this?

Why keyboard navigation matters

Turn your good intentions into good usability

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