Accessibility is everyone's job

But as a developer you can make a direct change. Join us in making a pledge to make your technology more accessible in 2021. Here's 3 ways to get started, or choose another role.

Add to schedule

Add accessibility to your next sprint

In < 5 minutes, you can run W.A.V.E. (or similar) for free and catch the most common accessibility issues and request time to fix those flags in an upcoming sprint.

Fix your W.A.V.E. flags - WebAIM's Chrome Extension
Install tools

Install some handy a11y tools

There are tons of free, open-source tools available to help you identify and coorrect accessibility issues before they get shipped. The A11y Project gathered them in one place, along with an active developer forum for troubleshooting.

A11y’s library of developer tools A11y’s developer community

Use a checklist during code review

Adopt an accessibility checklist and train your teammates to use it every time you review and deploy code so you can hold each other accountable.

Check out A11y’s accessibility checklist

Turn your good intentions into good usability

Want us to display your name and include your logo and link to your website? Click the link below to complete our form and we'll add you to our GAAD 2021 Wall of Pledges.

Pledge to improve accessibility