Accessibility is everyone's job

But as a designer you can make a direct change. Join us in making a pledge to make your technology more accessible in 2021. Here's 3 ways to get started, or choose another role.

Audit your site images

Audit your site images for critical text

Images that embed key text in a .jpg/.png or PDF are invisible to people who rely on screen readers. You can fix these and train your fellow designers to avoid this problem.

Yale's guidance to making images accessible
Be the first to call

Be the first to call for change

Designers may be one of the most important players in web accessibility because so many projects kick off in your hands. Design with disabled users in mind from the start, and call on your teammates to do the same.

Advocate for simple layouts

Advocate for simple layouts

Simplicity makes great design, but It’s also important for making your site accessible to neurodiverse users who all benefit from focused and well-structured interaction design.

Designing for neurodiverse users

Turn your good intentions into good usability

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Pledge to improve accessibility