Accessibility is everyone's job

But as a customer experience pro you can make a direct change. Join us in making a pledge to make your technology more accessible in 2021. Here's 3 ways to get started, or choose another role.

Contact customer

Contact customer service using a screen reader

Without an accessible website, people with disabilities may have trouble getting in touch. Use a screen reader tool to simulate their experience and test common support actions. You might find out quickly why accessibility bugs are under-reported.

Organize accessibility complaints

Organize accessibility complaints

Your team probably has a folder or helpdesk tagging system for keeping track of important customer issues. Do you have a plan for how you can classify and easily share previous conversations involving accessibility?

Evaluate your channel mix

Evaluate your channel mix

Some people are limited in which communication modes they can use. Ideally, your company should have 1+ channel for live conversations (i.e. live chat or phone) and 1+ channel for async messaging (i.e. email or voice memos) for those who have limited vision, hearing, or hand mobility. Do you offer easy options for all customers? If not, why not?

Turn your good intentions into good usability

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Pledge to improve accessibility