How to use Olark live chat to recruit students to your college or university

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Looking for a way to mirror your in-person recruiting efforts online? With Olark you can connect with prospective students who are interested in applying to your institution as they browse your website.

Have questions before starting a trial? Talk to one of our live chat specialists.

Capture an email with every conversation

Build student profiles and capture emails with our pre-chat survey. Pre-chat surveys are fully customizable — so you can collect information such as grade level and residency with every conversation.
An education-focused pre-chat survey for live chat An education-focused pre-chat survey for live chat

Keep student information safe and secure

Olark is privacy-first. From features that automatically purge personally identifiable information to ease FERPA compliance, to standard GDPR compliance internal policies — Olark was designed from day one to ease compliance and simplify deployment.

Stay compliant with ADA

Olark’s chat box works in common screen readers and was built with WCAG 2.1 in mind. Our default themes use high contrast colors and we audit our accessibility so you won’t have to.

Join these colleges and universities using Olark:

Two portraits of live chat agents Logos of colleges and universities that use Olark

Simplify your workflow with hundreds of integrations, including:

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Olark + Salesforce

Connect Olark and Salesforce to track interactions through the entire recruitment and admission lifecycle.

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Olark + MailChimp

Connect Olark and Mailchimp to automatically add student prospects and their families to mail lists.

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Olark + Wordpress

Connect Olark and Wordpress so your university admissions team can chat with website visitors.

Your next student is on your website. Talk to them.