Streamline your internal and external communications by sending new Olark messages to your team’s HipChat using Zapier.

You will need:


  1. Getting your accounts ready
  2. Connecting your accounts

Getting your accounts ready

Create and/or log in to your Olark administrator account. You must have an active paid subscription.

To send Olark messages to HipChat, create a HipChat administrator account. You can then create a private HipChat room where you’ll receive new messages from Olark. You can learn more about getting started with HipChat on Zapier here.

Connecting your accounts

Click here to use the Send new Olark messages to HipChat shared zap.

  1. Choose your Olark account from the drop down menu, or connect a new account.

  2. To connect a new Olark account to Zapier, log in to your Olark account, go to Settings found at the top bar, then click on the Integrations tab. Choose Webhooks service.

  3. Zapier generates a webhook URL for you to be able to add Olark to your account. Paste the URL provided onto the webhook URL field.

    Olark Zapier Connection

  4. Click on Send a Test to see if the connection’s successful, then hit Save to finalize.

  5. Connect your HipChat account to Zapier by clicking on the Connect a HipChat Account button.

  6. A dialog box will appear asking for a HipChat admin API key. You can retrieve this key by visiting Look for API Auth Tokens and copy the admin API key.

    Zapier HipChat API

  7. Once the connection is successful, you’ll be sent back to your Zap where you now have your HipChat account connected!

  8. Select the HipChat room from the drop down menu.

  9. Click Save + finish to complete the Zap.

Test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you’re ready to send new Olark messages to your team’s HipChat group.

Note: When connecting HipChat to Zapier, make sure to double check the API key type for the admin API key to ensure a successful connection.

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