Chatbox forms allow you to ask visitor for their name, email, phone, website URL or custom text fields.

Pre-chat survey example screenshot

The name, email, phone and website fields all check to see they have valid content before the visitor can continue. You can choose whether or not to make any field required. These may only be used once per form.

The text field and textarea options can be selected multiple times per form.

You can add up to three fields per page, and up to two pages per form. A second page is automatically created when you add more than three fields to a form.

Survey information appears in the visitor information provided at the start of a chat. It also appears in the visitor information in a chat transcript. Custom fields can be found under the existing api.visitor.getDetails API call, where the label names are camelCased as key names. For example, ‘Customer ID’ becomes customerId.

All the new fields are available in the localized versions of the chatbox. As usual, the localizations will be available via the API for non-supported languages.