So, you have installed Olark, and the chatbox is showing on your website. Now what?

Here are the top 5 things we suggest to get a perfect Olark experience!

1. Make your chatbox pretty

Change the theme and color of the chatbox on the Design page.

Top tip: You can enter a custom hex code for a color that matches your branding.

2. Customize your text

Edit the text your visitors see on the Behavior and Text page.

Top tip: Check out this article for working with multiple languages.

3. Designate email addresses for messages

Decide which email address(es) you want chat transcripts to go to, and set it on the Behavior Page.

Top tip: Set up a filter in your inbox to receive the transcripts and save your inbox from filling up.

Decide which email address(es) you want offline messages to go to. You can set that on the Behavior and Text page under Offline Message Options.

Top tip: You can use more than one email address by separating them with a comma.

4. Finish your profile

Go to your profile and make sure your details are correct. You can add an avatar as well, which will show in the chat box when you reply to a visitor.

5. Experiment!

If you want more Olarky joy to help with user engagement, try out the attention grabber, or have a play with Automation.

That’s it! If you go to your dashboard and press the green “launch chat” button, you can start chatting!

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