There are some jobs only a person can do.

For everything else, there's CoPilot from Olark.

Your chat team doesn't need to go full robot.

Think of CoPilot as a helpful assistant clearing the basics off your plate.

Hands-free take-off and landing

Instantly greet your visitors with a friendly “hi, how may I help you” and speed up your reply times. Wrap up with a 1-click “is there anything else I can help you with today?” and send visitors on their way with a smile.

Image depicting CoPilot auto greeting your visitors.

Point them in the right direction

Have CoPilot ask questions to make sure your visitor gets routed to the person who can help them best. Perfect for teams with specialized roles, multiple departments, or dedicated account reps.

Image showing CoPilot ask questions for routing.

Cut down on FAQs

Sometimes the information your visitors need is tricky to find. Other times, they just don’t look very hard. Either way, you can train CoPilot to address your most common questions without tying up a live agent in every chat, and your customer gets what they need without playing hide-and-seek.

Image showing FAQ functionality.

Who’s flying this plane, anyway?

CoPilot doesn’t replace your agent, it assists them. If it gets stuck, it calls for help. When your agents are free to take over, they can grab the wheel and own the conversation. This is a chatbot that keeps your people in control.

Image showing CoPilot turning control back over to the human operator.

Fly to new heights with CoPilot

Level up your agents. Help customers faster. Scale your efforts.

Getting started with CoPilot:

Apply by filling out this form.
We’ll schedule a 1:1 demo of CoPilot.
During this call, you’ll tell us about your chat team and what you want to automate, and we’ll decide together if you’re a good fit for CoPilot’s beta.
If you qualify for the beta, you’ll meet with CoPilot’s engineers so we can customize your bots.
You’ll define the rules for your bots, and we’ll build them into CoPilot for your team. If you're a paying Olark customer, we don't charge extra for building these bots for you. (Some conditions apply.)
We’ll launch your CoPilot and you’ll share your feedback. If need be, we can modify your bots along the way.

No need to build your bots.
We’ll do it for you (for free!)

You’ll get to shape the product from the beginning.

Grandfathered pricing if you upgrade to Olark Pro.

Request takeoff

What makes CoPilot different from other chatbots?

Benefit right away

Other chatbots require historical data and weeks of model-training that slow you way down before you can even get started.


It’s rare for an off-the-rack solution to work perfectly for your case. We build bots for *your* unique workflow.

Easy to take over

CoPilot knows when to call for help and is easy to interrupt. Your agents are always in control.

Will CoPilot meet my security and accessibility requirements?

We designed CoPilot to address the advanced needs of public institutions like government agencies and big universities. We’ve got you covered:

WCAG 2.0 Certification Badge image


WCAG 2.0 Level AA

GDPR-ready badge image

Visitor Privacy


CCPA-ready badge image

California-specific Privacy


NIST 800-53 compliance badge image


NIST 800-53 compliant

Most CoPilot customers go live
within 48 hours of their demo.

Will CoPilot play nice with my other tools?

You bet. CoPilot was built to support Olark’s famously broad selection of integrations, including:

group of logos of apps that Olark integrates with group of logos of apps that Olark integrates with

Are you ready for takeoff?

Request a demo of CoPilot and give your agents superpowers.