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We are over the moon today! Ben, our CEO at Olark, won the grand prize of the Delivering Happiness Happy Hunt Sweepstakes. He’ll be flying off to Las Vegas, baby, to meet Tony Hsieh himself.

What’s more, fellow Olarkers Roland and Nathan both won third prizes. Olark totally swept the contest! Let us reveal our secret strategy for success!

Step 1. Believe in the movement

Delivering Happiness is a movement born from lessons Tony Hsieh learnt building Zappos into a billion dollar company (now owned by Amazon). Zappos showed that by focusing on employee happiness, they would deliver customer happiness. Happy customers lead straight to the bottom line!

Step 2. Deliver a lot of happiness

Delivering happiness is what Olarkers do every day! It wasn’t hard to convince half the company to enter the contest. But more importantly, we had a lot of fun doing it! Here’s some crazy things our team did.

Roland loves chocolate. It makes Roland strong.

Sunir shows off his professional bad dancing on the street.

Bill bought a pint for a happy stranger!

Nathan never could hurt a cute pinata.

Step 3. Have cat, will travel.

Most importantly, you’ve got to love your cat! Here’s the winning picture of Ben wearing his cat as a boa.

In conclusion

Ok, we admit. We really had no strategy. But we were really lucky! Thank you Delivering Happiness for the good time!

  • Camenkroeger

    That’s no pint! That’s a SPACE STATION!!!

  • Bill_thompson95

    You enjoyed ever sip of it and you know it!

  • Camenkroeger

    Indeed. My kegs ran dry last night.  Time to brew more!

  • swagv

    Ugh. Zappos. Great customer service doesn’t help if the product isn’t something you want.

  • Happy

    This was such a surprise to find in my inbox. It just made me smile. Thank you :)