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I have always been obsessed with numbers. Every day I check how many people signed up for Olark, what pages on our website have the most visits, and many other of our Key Performance Indicators. But until recently, there wasn’t a good way to get numbers on how people interacted with you on Olark.  Now thanks to some backend plumbing and the awesome Mixpanel Platform, we’re proud to announce Olark reports!

Graph of when visitors visit your website

Now you can see at a glance when people are visiting your site, and how that lines up with when you are online to answer chats. As you can see, many people visit our site when we aren’t online, probably because we’re on the west coast of the United States and our users are from all over the world. You can also see most people who see us online don’t chat with us- that’s okay, although maybe we should turn on offline messaging so people can contact us even when we aren’t signed in to our instant message client.

This is a good start, but what if you are a serious stats junkie who wants to crunch your own numbers? Well you can also download a CSV detailing all chat conversations: when the conversation started, how long it lasted, who the operator was, the visitor’s nickname, how fast the operator first responded, and the number of messages the operator and visitor sent. With some quick spreadsheet work, I found out my average first-response time is 15 seconds, think you can do better? : )

Are you also a stats junkie? What is your must-have stat? Let us know!

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