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Astute users may have noticed that we very quietly rolled out a new feature last week: now works directly with your existing Google Talk account. Here’s how to add Google Talk to

First, log in to and go to the account settings panel. You’ll notice a new section for “Other Chat Networks”.

Click on the “Google Talk” link and add your Gmail address. Then press “Save.”

GTalk will now show up as active.

Now log in to Google Talk. will send you some chat invitations over the next few minutes. Approve each one by clicking “yes.”

That’s it. Now, when you’re signed in to Google Talk, visitors to your web site will be able to chat with exactly as they can with your regular account. In addition, any other Jabber-based chat network that supports the server-to-server protocol (“S2S”) will work in the exact same manner.

We’re working on connecting more big chat networks with, but each one has its own quirks. Look for more options in the coming months.

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